The Weinstein Company needed a mobile companion app for their Blu-ray release of The King’s Speech, the multi- award winning film (Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay).

The app had to reflect the time period of the film, and include behind the scenes footage, bios and historical information. David, then VP of Technicolor’s eXperience Design Center, was asked to evaluate a 3rd Party UX/UI design and redesign it if necessary. And oh yeah, it had to be done in 6 weeks!


David evaluated and rejected the third party design. A unique “timeline” concept was conceived and the team went to work developing workflow and wireframes in parallel to save time. Once approved, the team used the movie, media assets and research to set the tone of the UI design direction.

A unique feature is the app’s ability to “listen” for and sync to the movie soundtrack, so it is always in step with the movie. The resulting app is a seamless and stunning design. The underlying UI framework was reused by the FX cable network for their Sons of Anarchy second screen app.