All great brands and products have one thing in common – they create desire.
The manifestation of this desire is an unconscious urge to engage.
We’ve all been there…the irresistable need to walk into a favorite store…
the compulsive checking of that app on your phone.

Welcome to Habit, a strategy, brand and mobile first, product design consultancy dedicated to helping you create a market, build your brand and design your product. We are a collective of strategists, designers and engineers in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia. We practice lean design and production processes to get your product to market faster.

At Habit, we are entrepreneurial to the core. We offer standard engagements (flat fee or retainer) and for select startups, a venture consulting option, where founders can lower costs through a cash/equity mix. We focus exclusively on three things:

Your Customer

Your customer, your customer, your customer. Everything we do considers your customer and what they need to accomplish. Know your customer through research and testing then adjust your brand or product to engage them on their terms.

Your Brand

Your brand is not a logo, or a product. It is your customer’s perception of value across every company touchpoint. Brand loyalty begins when positioning, expression and product design align with your customer’s personal and functional goals.

Your Product

Your product must fulfill your customer’s unmet needs. Combine with frictionless design and emotional delight and you have the ultimate product trifecta. Achieve continued success by evolving features, iterating and direct dialogue with customers.
  • David Pettigrew
  • Founder, Strategy & Design Director
  • I lead Habit Collective and am responsible for all of the work seen here. I have deep experience in brand, product strategy and design as well as multi-device, software product development. I have contributed to products that have won national and international awards in the entertainment and lifestyle categories and have co-authored seven U.S. and three European           patents in information design and technology. Below are some companies I have been employed by or have consulted with.