Technicolor SA, maker of over 100M set top boxes, wanted to design and build the ultimate, luxury set top box for it’s telco partners around the world. More than a set top box, MediaEncore is the world’s first “combo box”, combining a set top box, with a home gateway plus portable Network Attached Storage (NAS).

As founder and VP of Technicolor’s eXperience Design Center (XDC), David led the XDC design team, creating the user interface for the product.

“Encore” had to deliver a consistent, device specific, user experience to the TV, tablet, smartphone and desktop. The goal was to build a fully-functional, working prototype to show at CES in a 10 month timeframe.


David’s  team worked with software engineers and industrial designers to quickly define Encore’s use cases. From there his team produced rapid prototypes to explore the best multi-platform UI solution. His group then conducted consumer testing to inform the final UI design.

Once chosen, his team created workflow and wireframes before designing the final look and feel leveraging Technicolor’s premium brand guidelines his team had previously defined.

The result, an international award-winning consumer product years ahead of it’s time. After CES, the design spec and technology
was transferred to a Technicolor product division for full production.