BL4CKB4LL is a streetwear startup in San Francisco. The creative director asked Habit to help create an authentic brand appropriate for their youth-driven streetwear clothing line. Streetwear is a crowded space and BL4CKB4LL also needed to know how to best position their brand in order to build their customer base and establish appropriate price points.


Habit began with a series of exercises to establish target audience, brand position and voice. Next, we conducted a global analysis of the streetwear industry resulting in a matrix of streetwear companies and key influencers in Japan, the UK and the U.S.

The matrix revealed a gap in the upper, middle market where BL4CKB4LL could thrive. From this and input from the team we developed the Bl4CKB4LL brand identity. The resulting ID is stark, street smart and memorable. A “scarlett letter” that compliments the brand name and satisfies an ever-rebellious and disaffected youth.