VintoVino Inc. a San Francisco startup, is creating a social market-
place where winelovers meet winemakers to learn about and
purchase fine wine and related merchandise. Originally designed and developed by
offshore engineers as a website, VintoVino needed a
complete service redesign to better align with it’s industry and
target audience and also account for mobile users. Along with
the redesign, the CEO asked Habit to further refine their
product/market fit, marketing strategy, feature roadmap and
initial social media and email campaign assets.


Habit began by researching the wine industry and wine
consumers in the U.S. We followed with a competitive analysis
along with key UX recommendations to differentiate VintoVino
in the market.

Next, we defined priority use cases, then created workflow
and wireframes for the entire service. We leveraged branding
we had done previously, and created all UI assets working
closely with VintoVino’s engineers to ensure pixel
perfect implementation.

Working with business development, we created marketing
scripts, and campaign strategies and for user aquisition, we
devised a unique, nation-wide growth hack strategy plus a
sticky “gamified” reward system to engage users. And finally,
we designed initial social media and email campaign assets for both
partners and customers.